Python for marketers: get started with reporting, AI and marketing automation

Python is a programming language that has become extremely popular with developers and marketers in recent years. What can you do with it as a marketer? And how do you start ...

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Meet the team, Katy, blog image

Employee Spotlight: Katy, Head of Operations

Introduce yourself! I’m Katy, Head of Operations, I started in August 2018. I started as Office Manager, I was employee number 10 and we had just moved into our current ...

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Meet the team, Ellie, blog image

Employee Spotlight: Ellie, Manager of Customer Success

Introduce yourself! My name is Ellie and I am the Manager of the Customer Success and Support team. I started as a Customer Success Champion, managing support queries and ...

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Meet the team, Aaron, blog image

Employee Spotlight: Aaron, Technical Customer Success

Introduce yourself! Hey! I’m Aaron. I’m the Technical Customer Support. I first started working at Domo in February 2019, as one of our Customer Success Managers withi...

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Meet the team, Tom, blog image

Employee Spotlight: Tom, Lead Full-Stack Engineer

Introduce yourself Hey! I’m Tom and I’ve been here since the start of 2019. I first started as a full-stack engineer and after a year in I became a lead engineer. I ha...

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