At DOMO, we pride ourselves on providing the best experience for our customers and our employees.

The origins of DOMO’s name come from the Greek word for house or home and that very much sums up our ethos – creating a place where customers and employees want to be, supporting them in the growth of their career or business. So what’s it like at DOMO?

“There has always been a strong focus on company culture at DOMO, more than I’ve seen at other companies.”
Product Team Lead

Our Mission? Building products that help make the traditionally difficult, simple.

We create tools and services that empower businesses

We treat our customers ike real people

We constantly innovate our products and processes

We believe in transparency

We trust our team

Our values

Our values are the foundation of our business. They’re applicable to everyone – Juniors, Seniors, Managers, the CEO, the Leadership Team – we’re all accountable and trust each other to stay true to them. And we do.

We’re all grown ups

  • We trust each other to do the best for DOMO.
  • We are not afraid to confront issues.
  • We are not afraid of failing and learning.
  • We are a team. We are on this journey together.

We get stuff done

  • We take ownership and work pragmatically.
  • We understand and respect the impact we have on others.
  • We act now, not later.
  • Not knowing is fine, not learning isn’t.

Push the boundaries

  • We always strive for more.
  • We grow collectively.
  • We never stop improving.
  • We always maintain a high calibre of work.

Make your case

  • We speak. We listen. We debate. We act.
  • We care about our journey.
  • We’re solution finders, not problem hoarders.

Be a DOMO-sapien

  • We care for each other.
  • We constantly evolve.
  • We stay authentic and true to ourselves.
  • We fail and succeed together.

Some awards we’re extremely proud of

Great team. Great company. We take pride in everything we do.

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